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Semen is typically whitish-gray in color with a jelly-like texture. This can vary slightly depending on your genes, diet, and overall health. Read to find out what yellow, green, brown, and other colors may mean, when to seek treatment, and more.

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Many people have naturally thick semen. You should only keep an eye on it or consider seeing your doctor if you experience other symptoms. Semen texture varies widely from person to person.

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Source: Youtube. Of course, it varies between men naturally and because of certain circumstances — but science has prevailed and tested the average amount. This Oakland University study gets into the nitty gritty of it:.

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The main difference between White Sperm and Clear Sperm is that White Sperm is more viscous, thick and cloudy as it has high sperm count while Clear Sperm is less viscous or cloudy as it contains less amount of sperms. People often confused in between sperm and semen; the semen is the overall fluid that holds the sperm cells, proteins, sugars and other materials as it acts as an energy source. The sperm further is divided as clear sperm and white sperm by its clarity.

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Most men refer to their semen when they talk about having thick and sticky sperm. Actually, your sperms cannot be thick, but your semen can definitely be. You cannot even see your sperms with the naked eye — you need a microscope to see them.

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Vaginal discharge is a mixture of liquid, cells, and bacteria that lubricates and protects the vagina. The composition, amount, and quality of discharge varies between individuals as well as through the various stages of sexual and reproductive development. Normal vaginal discharge is composed of cervical mucus, vaginal fluid, shedding vaginal and cervical cells, and bacteria.

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In a society obsessed with health, it's almost impossible to escape health-related horror stories. From news of impending pandemics to symptoms of horrific diseases, health news is often tinged with a touch of fear. We spend so much time worrying about disease that we rarely ever question the flip side: What does it mean to be healthy?

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This hormone triggers the changes in your body. Suddenly you will grow taller and begin to develop muscles. You will also find physical changes happening to your voice, your body hair and your genitals, and possibly even your breasts.

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