Lymphodema breast cancer

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Lymphedema is an abnormal swelling that can develop in the arm, hand, breast, or torso on the side where your lymph nodes were removed. This is called the affected side. Lymphedema develops when the lymph vessels in an area are no longer able to carry all the fluid away from the area.

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In The American Society of Clinical Oncology issued guidelines reaffirmed in recommending that women without sentinel lymph node metastases, as well as women with one to two metastatic sentinel lymph nodes who are planning to undergo breast-conserving surgery with whole-breast radiotherapy, should not undergo axillary lymph node dissection. Under these types of programs patients are educated about the procedure they are undergoing, as well as lymphedema risk reduction principles. In addition, they will be assessed by specialists, such as physical therapists, and equipped with exercise regimens that patients will begin working on prior to surgery with the hope, said Stearns, "of decreasing the risk of long-term complications of lymphedema.

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Patti Neighmond. Virginia Harrod, an attorney and county prosecutor who lives in rural Kentucky, survived breast cancer, only to develop lymphedema, which sent her to the hospital three times with serious infections. A lymph node transplant helped restore her immune system.

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Lymphedema is a problem that may occur after cancer surgery when lymph nodes are removed. Lymphedema can occur months or years after treatment. But steps can be taken to help keep it from starting, and to reduce or relieve symptoms.

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What is lymphoedema? Symptoms of lymphoedema 3. What causes lymphoedema?

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Lymphedema is swelling caused by the excess buildup of fluid under the skin, and is often caused when lymph nodes are removed or damaged. The lymph nodes act as a filter for waste, which is swept up and carried to the lymph nodes by the protein-rich lymphatic fluid. When the lymph nodes are damaged or blocked, the lymphatic fluid may accumulate beneath the skin in the lymph vessels and cause gradual swelling.

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Lymph is a milky fluid that contains white blood cells. White blood cells help fight infections. Lymph vessels, like blood vessels, run all through the body.

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Lymphoedema can be a side effect of some breast cancer treatments. Lymph nodes are glands that filter and drain fluid that circulates around the body. They are located through-out the body, including in the breast and armpit axilla.

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Find out about lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment, including how you can lower your risk of getting it and how to manage it. The lymphatic system carries clear watery fluid called lymph, which drains out from the small blood vessels capillaries into the body tissues. Cancer or cancer treatment can affect the fluid drainage channels of the lymphatic system.

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Skip to Content. Lymphedema is the abnormal buildup of fluid in soft tissue due to a lymphatic system blockage. The lymphatic system helps fight infection and other diseases by carrying lymph throughout the body. Lymph is a colorless fluid containing white blood cells.


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