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When Facebook expanded its pilot program to block revenge porn from being posted on its platforms last month, the blowback was swift. The problem is that Facebook has launched a somewhat complex technical solution to a nuanced problem at a time when user trust has been eroded by data mishandling scandals. Microsoft developed a similar approach, branded as PhotoDNA, that is widely used to block the spread of child exploitation images online and has more recently been used to combat the spread of terrorist recruitment imagery.

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The site has made clear the images will only be seen by 'specially trained representatives' and that they will be deleted as quickly as they can be. Facebook is allowing its staff to look at nude photos of its users in an attempt to combat revenge porn. The site has told its users to send in any photos that they are afraid might be circulated on the site.

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ABOUT naked protesters stripped bare in front of Facebook's New York headquarters on Sunday to challenge social media policies over the censorship of artistic nudity. The demonstrators lay naked on the road, each with large images of male nipples covering their genitalia outside Manhattan's Astor Place subway station. Social media giants Facebook and Instagram currently ban showing the female nipple on their photo-sharing platforms.

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Artist Spencer Tunick has battled Facebook and Instagram over its stringent "community guidelines" banning nudity for half a decade. Tunick, who organizes and photographs large groups of nude people around the world, first had his Facebook page disabled in after posting a carefully pixelated image of 75 women in Portugal. Apparently the color gradiations in the nipples were too visible.

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Pornographic pictures are being shared by hundreds of social media users on an X-rated Facebook page which anyone including children can join. Please post an introduction when you join so people can interact with you. However, insiders have revealed that the page is much more than just a place for people to meet, with one telling The Sun that it is actually a "non-stop stream of porn which anyone can join".

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Facebook has revamped its community standardsbringing further definition to what it considers to be both acceptable and unacceptable content. Today we are providing more detail and clarity on what is and is not allowed. For example, what exactly do we mean by nudity, or what do we mean by hate speech?

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The plan, they say, is to train Facebook to block the images you don't ever want on Facebook, in cases such as revenge porn. Requesters are given a one-time upload link to send those images to Facebook, where they are reviewed by "a handful of specially trained members" of the company's burgeoning content-review team. Those team members will create what's effectively a digital fingerprint of the images so that Facebook's systems can automatically recognize and block the images before they can be seen by anyone outside the company.

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The company will scan through the images and ensure that they are not allowed to be uploaded to the site. The feature is an attempt to stop so-called revenge porn, when sensitive images are uploaded to the internet to attack the person shown in them. To stop that, the site will ask its users to upload any images they think might be able to used to harm them.

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Facebook wants to pre-emptively prevent revenge porn on its platform by gathering nude images and videos of its users, raising privacy concerns among its 2 billion users. The social networking giant is trialling the feature in Australia, asking users to send in naked photos of themselves via Messenger that could be uploaded by someone without the owner's consent. Facebook said it plans to use the images to build a database of specific photos it can then block from being uploaded to the site in future.

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Last month, after posting several recent paintings of nude female figures to his Facebook page, Daniel Sprick, an artist who lives in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, got a surprise in his e-mail box. It was a warning from Facebook, notifying him that several images, including a recent oil painting of a pregnant woman, had been removed from his profile for violating the site's policies. After feeling upset " The artist moved on promptly, setting up an online exhibition of his nudes at OpenMuseum.


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