If the registry fix does not fix it for you, read and follow the rollback instructions to an older driver. Excellent ,and thank you. Hashir Zahid June 8, Hi James, I see that your laptop also has a Fresco Logic controller. However, I doubt it that the particular problem is a powering issue.

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Reply Flavio, You probably have a different or similar problem than the one I solved here.

You may also want to try a different USB 3. All were the aforementioned Western Digital Passport drives that this blog mentions.

My Passport Ultra

Given that you tried the WD on other laptops and it works without problems that does point the finger to the Asus laptop. We do not assist with third party products. Wd passport usb 3 to use out of the box, you can start transferring files, saving memories and backing up right away. Reply sagardiaro, my system with 3.

Workaround a I think implied that you will wv use a well tested, quality USB 3. The drive works fine in a USB 2.

My Passport SSD | Western Digital (WD)

Does it have data? It was working fine a few days ago, Until there was a power surge and ysb problem started. Thank you, thank wd passport usb 3.

Start by plugging your passport to a usb 2.

Had the same issues. I bet you tried hard and I know how it feels; I got similar treatment at the time.

Different hardware, but still psasport can try a lot of the things I did. June 8, Search all the internet and nothing works here.

Have you tried on another computer with a pass;ort USB3. Even great minds like yours can accidentally leave things behind. Reply Bought a 1. Try the latest version from: I left SmartWare on my system for now. Reply Thanks for the heads up.

My Passport SSD

I have 2 WD Passport external drives—1 plugged in with a USB cord and worked just fine and is a paspsort older ; the other makes a sound when you plug it into the computer, but then never shows up on my computer screen to access the data. I have an Asus U36D notebook and struggled with this problem for a year! Reply I have 12 WD passport external hardrives. I see wd passport usb 3 posts on the WDC community forums 1 suggesting that there is a problem with power and potentially the cable shipped with the drive.

Thank you very much for your solution. Maybe you can wd passport usb 3 with this: I ve been using My Passport for the last two dd and this particular problem cropped up just two months back. See if you can replace the Asus-supplied driver and helps solve your problem at your own risk of course: The drive works flawlessly!

Hashir Zahid September 30, 8: It is working perfectly now!