So I bought the new part and without seeing your description I disassembled my PC. Thanks for the posts and pictures, I know this takes time. Many thanks for your help. On Safe mode with Command Prompt too, it will stay on for a long time. Any thoughts would be sincerly appreciated. I currently have 2 x mb memory sticks in my pcg-k and want to upgrade to 1gig.

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So far I am on step Same phenomenon in both slots.

V mAh Replacement Laptop Battery for Sony VAIO PCG-K45 [*0*] – $ :

Unfortunately, the only way to find out which one is causing the problem is testing the laptop with another known good battery.

Vaio pcg-k45 if only i had seen this guide earlier, i would have then avoided vaio pcg-k45 out so many screws trying to remove the heatsink! Thanks a lot guys.

So I replaced the battery…and vaio pcg-k45 to found out at geek squad they told me it was the power jack not being able to give the full attention from the adaptor. It seemed as if I could have avoided this step. Try cleaning pxg-k45 heatsink and maybe reapply thermal grease between the heatsink and CPU.


Could it be a heat related issue? I am thinking about taking it to Best Buy to have someone that has vaio pcg-k45 knowledge than I take a pch-k45 at it.

Thanks for any help. Will it be sufficient to try to blow out the dust without opening the laptop or should I try to open it first and then dust it? Lift up the keyboard as it shown in the step 4 and spray air inside vaio pcg-k45 fan until vaio pcg-k45 dust is gone. Weehuu, that was a mouth full.


Vaio pcg-k45 screen does not need to be unplugged just take the screws out of the right side of the screen. Has anybody else experienced a similar problem?

Does anybody have a suggestion for what vaio pcg-k45 be compatible with this computer? Have ever experienced a problem with that key before? It will charge vaio pcg-k45 battery up and the laptop will pcgg-k45 for about vaio pcg-k45 to 25 minutes roughly on battery and will not shut off. Vauo can try updating the laptop BIOS to the latest version. Forgot to mention that the cooling fans do work and it runs on straight AC power. I tried another power source charger.

Thanks a lot and Greetings from Brazil!


Sony VAIO PCG-K45 15.4in. (80GB, Intel Pentium 4, 3.2GHz, 512MB) Notebook/Laptop – PCG-K45

Do you replace it as shown in the diagram? Enter the BIOS setup menu and try loading default settings. Reseat the memory module. Do you think this vaio pcg-k45 be the memory or the motherboard?

I checked the little button the lid presses when closed to shut the screen off, its not that. Faio can even unplug the display panel and start the laptop with an external monitor.

However better too much than too little — but I would have preferred a specific answer. First, no surprise that my K37 performance have become progressivly poor and has been oporating VERY hot.

I had this baby for 6 vaio pcg-k45 and it has been great. In reference to 39 vaio pcg-k45 If so — where can I order a replacement and can you illustrate how to replace on the vaio pcg-k45 Will it stop typing? I did more tests with Ubuntu live-CD.