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This also occurs while simply listening to MP3’s. And even if you have bandwidth to spare there, that isn’t the only thing that matters; what matters is, is the bus idle when you need to use it for something? The Acoustic Edge suffers from slight high-end roll-off that is audible with a quality set of multimedia speakers and the Audigy has a sound that’s too rough-edged harsh highs and mids. For 2 speakers, I only said that Qsound is superior for stereo expansion, and that’s just an opinion that I stand by. If it does then move the hardware tab slider, one notch at a time to determeine if the trouble still exist.

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Also it is said, that you can’t use the wavetable header of the Santa Cruz in dos – is there a workaround for that?


It seems as if it will make a difference – according to zudio site: In spite of this, I felt the Acoustic Edge brought more innovation to the table and I felt it had “cooler” features. The physical connection options are the best I have ever seen, period. I ask because I’m thinking about building a system expecially for my 3dfx cards voodoo5 agp and the fastest option would be a board without ISA and a Duron Applebred Worth noting I haven’t tried this with the latest driver release.

Headphones and 2 speakers in general worked better on Santa Cruz for games. The Santa Cruz is based on the Crystal CS SoundFusion Digital Signal Processor chip –Crystal is of course a division of the long time chip manufacturer, Cirrus Logic, and the SoundFusion chip is part of a fairly long line of audio chips that they have been responsible for.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. You can safely ignore any comments acelerator Roj about Windows 98 drivers and DirectX 8 with Hardware Acceleration turned on, he is talking about something he knows dick all about because Turtle Beach have admitted the problem but will not post it on their website.

There are actually 4 Microsoft Knowledge base articles which mention Santa Cruz. If the game has a way to “turn down” the FPS, ie not run as fast as it absolutely can, try that.

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I believe that you have some connection to Turtle Beach. I get the nasty blue screen. A few more times during my testing, the system either ausio up during a game, or a game would boot me right out without warning or error messages.

Daniel This is my system built November, I think it should be added to your FAQ. This message was edited by Ether on Feb 08 To keep working anyway click Ignore and save your curz in a new file. I contacted TB support and they tell me they know about this problem with the card and are working on the fix. The Win2K and XP drivers are a much more mature and stable driver set.

Will try it soon. MP3 Acceleration I just wanted to clarify a statement that 3dSoundSurge made when they posted news of our article: Get updates when we publish new articles Email Address: If it does then move the hardware tab slider, one notch sonivfury a time to determeine if the video,ogic still exist.

This is frequently caused by “bus hogging” by the video card and its driver. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz problem, help.

Would it be of any advantage to have this card together with a vortex2 in a pci-only system, regarding its compability with “later” dos games games that allready require a CD-drive f.

If a user upgrades his hardware such as a motherboard, video card, etc Sep 28, Posts: Roj, Have you looked in the soundcard newsgroup, you will find this The moral of the story?

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Turtle Beach Santa Cruz problem, help.

Sat Oct 20, One difference in their results compared to our review is that we were not able to decode more than one MP3 stream in hardware at the time, at least it seemed like only one was done in hardware. Right-click anywhere in the Santa Cruz Control Panel and a pop-up menu will appear.

It may not sound like much on paper, but one example of its use could be as a headphones out jack, even if you had already occupied the front and rear sonicvury with your quad speaker setup.