Just for the record. In this package you have, are also examples for your needs. But, does not matter anyway: For functionality, I want to detect when a USB drive is plugged in, and then write data to it. I will debug the ISR to find the problem and report back. Should this be the case? Actually, I did the same data press and then move on the mspaint.

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Learn More – opens in a new window or tab. In your stm32 discovery usb are options to set baudrate, stop bits, etc. Then you have something like this:. Can you tell me where can I get example stm32 discovery usb usb host mode for VCP.

The value is and not change even disccovery i pressed or released the gamepad button.

discovvery Quick Format or not? Product is in volume production 9. Stm32 discovery usb project title is required. Do you have the function of sending lots of data in array form? Stm32 discovery usb contact our sales support for information on specific devices.

Why dont you use conputer to reassemble those bits? Have you checked the download for that file here. Hi, drivers are installed?

Skip to main content. But when I comile I get this error:.

Library 24- Virtual COM Port (VCP) for STM32F4

If it does not work, then you have hardware problems, nothing else! Share this to other users: You saved my time greatly with your work.

Hi, I have tried to implement your code on a STM32FZG and it did work, however further inspection showed that if I send mor data form the device to the PC, sometimes not all packets arrive. Using this call the stm32 discovery usb before the USB initialization:.

STM32VLDISCOVERY – Discovery kit with STM32FRB MCU – STMicroelectronics

Technical Support Video Center. That is, while initializing it reads the feature I sent. If you have external PHY chip,you can get speed as on computer. Dude u r a star: TRy to add usbb function to library: So i tried to read stm32 discovery usb files directly before parsing the id3tag header and they were read correctly, so i bypassed Mp3ReadId3V2Tag stm32 discovery usb now all files are playing.

Tilen, This morning I took the time to make a project using the 1. You are responsible for determining whether the Licensed Software will be stm32 discovery usb for your intended discofery or application or will achieve your intended results.

Library 34- STM32F4 as USB HID Device

Usb micro is connected to usb fs mode, but on pins PB 14,15 you have usb hs, but pins are not connected on any connector. This lib can work but is not hal compatible. In case you did not receive the e-mail, or you entered a stm32 discovery usb e-mail address, you can start-over the process.

Just comment that out.

Library USB MSC HOST for USB flash drive on STM32F4 – STM32F4 Discovery

I have added a ringbuffer for reception and transmission, to be able to transfer large volumes of data. Type in some numbers and observe the output: Hello, I have also problems with discovwry data.

We stm32 discovery usb now to add my FatFs library and configure it.