Cayers, You probably won’t have any problem with the cableco any more. You will also add facilities for writing the results of the new functions to the MythTV backend log for troubleshooting and sake of completeness. She then says, yea it’s got but NO “firewire” port. I said you mean “boxes” correct and she said what do you mean boxes. When complete the dialog above indicating success will appear. It was designed primarily to work with their TVs they had a guide service.

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It was from the next version of Windows Longhorn? Find all posts by Cayars.

STB FireWire to Media Center other Computer Recording

Find all posts by sleonard. Success, stb firewire Broadcast: Firewire chipset seems to be very important. This is where the work comes in. Assuming you have gone through a reboot stb firewire complete restart of Sage, Sage will list it in the “Sage.

This is a troubleshooting error. What I want is a finished, fixed function, living room friendly solution, not a hobby project. To do stb firewire, scroll down until you find: There is no harm of damage- but hot-plugging the cable resulted in unstable connections during testing. Now that I can avoid Russian roulett with main line phone and front counter people, everything has been as fine as frog stb firewire since. Do the following at the STB itself, not the remote.

EyeTV Channel Changer

Stb firewire you have multiple tuners, you can give one tuner priority over the other. Sat Dec 26, 1: It’s a dual tuner DVR, so I can record two things at once, and I’ve also read you can control the stb firewire through the FireWire connections.

These are known xtb work stb firewire I have access to them and tested the software on these. Very little, if any, user intervention should be required once the firewire tuner is properly configured in mythtv-setup. Once flashing, release that button and press the “Info” button.

Find all posts by DFA. firewiree

Installing Pace RNG Set Top Box FireWire Drivers – Missing Remote

This allows MythTV to use tuner 1 as needed. After trying a variety of firewire chipsets, the ones that work the best are the latest Stb firewire chips FW v61 fireeire no priming More Details Here As for tuning, some SD channels simply will not work, for example all the Galaxy music only channels between and up we use our low def tuners via svideo for those.

Firewire Notes Notes on Terminal and Editing: If you wish to bypass it all and get right down to it, Olyar15 has put together a nice little summary and is found on Page 18, Post If you receive a priming error, here are the likely causes: There you will see the status stb firewire the firewire port stb firewire ” ports” and whether or not it is active “1”.

I tried it with W2K and it did not work.

This has prompted me to think about getting a Firewire capable DVR unit of some sort. So if you have cable and don’t stb firewire a stb firewire STB with Firewire output, get one; it’s yours for the asking. Did not add an external channel change script. I will post graph file on request. This method will give firewirf ownership of firewire to the Fidewire user and group as stb firewire as the backend server is running.

Use the “Left” and “Right” navigation buttons to go through the screens. After stb firewire the firewire cable between the computer and STB, make sure there are no other firewire devices connected, power stb firewire firewwire open a terminal.

Using motherboard intel chipset firewire and default settings when adding firewire capture device. She then says, yea it’s got but NO “firewire” port.