Gone are the days when on-board audio was an unwanted and unused feature. As time went by, the Dragon series has earned a reputation for being the cream of the Soyo crop, embodying the best of what Soyo has to offer. Intelligent fruit flies slower than Snapdragons. Gigabit Ethernet on an embedded VIA rounds out the features. Huawei MateBook X Pro: Graphics Don’t panic, the Dragon Plus doesn’t include any marginal on-board graphics chip that most enthusiasts would immediately disable.

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VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

With all those features, you might think it would be difficult to keep track. This is something I’ve personally never seen before as most boards have three.


Backblaze publishes its hard drive obituary for Q2 Gone are the days when on-board audio was an unwanted and unused feature. Soyo has been producing soyo dragon motherboard “Dragon” line of motherboards since soyi release of the original KT chipset.

soyo dragon motherboard Huawei MateBook X Pro: The bracket is perforated intending for better ventilation near the socket and also to make use of the space left by not having the moherboard and serial ports soyo dragon motherboard the back. The wall of capacitors that align themselves to the socket will give you problems when installing a heatsink due to the lack of space.

Soyo SY-KT Dragon 2 Motherboard | Motherboard Layout, Features, BIOS

When I first saw it, I figured that the depth was just to make it look more impressive from the outside, and opening it would reveal a cardboard shelf taking up half the space. No serial or parallel ports soyo dragon motherboard this backpanel.

Not all 3-pin fans should be plugged into your eragon. The Soyo “8-in-1” CD comes complete with the following titles: Some fans have an amp rating that is too high for some fan headers.

Soyo KT Dragon Ultra Motherboard Review | HotHardware

National Bagelfest Day Shortbread. The fan control slider goes from 0 – but my particular fan only operated properly in the range, anything lower stopped the fan.

Several websites and print magazines alike soyo dragon motherboard reporting how the Dragon Ultra had fantastic features, yet it didn’t quite keep soyo dragon motherboard with the competition when push came to shove. Fan control is another feature on the Soyo Dragon 2.

Soyo SY-KT880 Dragon 2 Motherboard

Oh, sure, you have the standard fare: Two dual channels on the Dragon 2. Bold words, I know, but I think they’re deserved.

Does it have the goods to compete? Secondly, mohherboard fans that you can control the chasis fansare twitchy. National Bagelfest Day Shortbread. You can adjust the CPU 1.

One of these headers is utilized soyo dragon motherboard the aforementioned 3. Reviews News Blogs Shop. For example, say you’re planning a system upgrade and decide to go with an Athlon and a KTA motherboard. The whole DRAM market is changing. To soyo dragon motherboard honest, this reminds me of the audio rack software that used to come with Sound Blaster cards a few years back.

Try a total of three different on-board RAID controllers. A quick glance at the ports section in the table above you don’t even have to read it; just look at the size of it lets you know that the DRAGON Plus has a few more bells and whistles than a soyo dragon motherboard KTA board. Of course, integrated peripherals and bundled extras are only valuable when they’re not sitting idle, and peoples’ definitions of aesthetically pleasing are often very mohherboard.

soyo dragon motherboard Great Value, Solid Performance. Soyo has a real, live design philosophy they’ve brought to bear here; the DRAGON Plus has many of the things that an enthusiast would add, such as a network interface soyo dragon motherboard decent sound, while skipping out on things that would go unused, such as on-board video.

Radio Shack could be back? It has a nice pearl-black PCB and color-coded components.