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Anyone who has ever read an erotic novel knows the urge to bring to life what they just read on the page. For actors, that might mean bringing script pages to life while filming their latest project. In this case that means dedicating even more of their minds and bodies to the scene we end up seeing on our screens.

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Fact one: People have sex. Fact two: Because sex is a natural human experience, some movie directors opt to include it in their films—unsimulated—for a heightened sense of realism, which means you're looking at real people having real intercourse. Here are 25 movies that broke taboos for just that.

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Working as an actor requires being open to some crazy things. Having to film a love scene can give even the most courageous and reputable actors some stage fright. But imagine if you had to do it for real?

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Euphoriathe highly stylized teen drama from HBO, doesn't debut until this Sunday, but it is already starting to cause its fair share of controversy. Starring Zendaya as a high school student who self-medicates with drugs and alcohol to numb her emotional pain, Euphoria is an unflinching look at teenage life that doesn't shy away from showing the complex world that Generation Z must navigate. And HBO is standing by its new show—which absolutely does have a lot of sex and drugs—despite reports of controversy during production and outrage from a parents' group.

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SATC was incredibly scandalous for me back then. Way, way later in life, when I actually started having sex, I discovered the sex I always pictured in my head was actually nothing like the sex I was having. Ever since I lost my virginity, I wondered why sex was such a lie.

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From the horrifying facial expressions of Jon Hamm to his maniacal laughter, this scene is pretty hard to watch. The only way to get through it is to simply avert your eyes, cover up the sounds with your own laughter and peek at the screen every once in a while through splayed fingers. Pretty much the entire movie is awkward.

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To hear most actors tell it, filming sex scenes is no turn-on. There are big cameras, of course, and big crew members that come with them. Speak to the filmmakers, though, and you get a different take.

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Sign in. Not Rated min Drama, Romance. Murphy is an American living in Paris who enters a highly sexually and emotionally charged relationship with the unstable Electra. Unaware of the effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed.

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Stacey Martin in Nymphomaniac. Photo: Nymphomaniac Source:Whimn. It feels like anytime an actor talks about filming a sex sceneall they do is bang on about how un-sexy it was.

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It was a scene that made many cringe, but it signaled a transformation in the television landscape. Some of this is a result of technological changes. New streaming services, not bound by industry rules and norms, are taking bigger risks, such as the Amazon show Transparent about a middle-aged father coming out as transgender.


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