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Disconnect the keyboard cable from the system board and remove the keyboard. Remove the screw securing the hard drive. Turn the computer right side up. STEP 15 Remove two screws securing the modem card. Loosen one screw securing the modem cover. STEP 13 Use a guitar pick to separate the top cover from the base assembly.

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Loosen the screw securing the memory cover and remove the cover. Loosen one screw securing the Satellite m30x card cover. STEP 18 Disconnect the flat sound board cable from the satelllte board.

RAM & SSD Upgrades | Toshiba Satellite M30X Series |

Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Remove one more screw. If you are have any concerns you can contact our technical support helpline on for the best advice and to help ensure you have the right Toshiba Compatible M30X laptop replacement screen. The two most satellite m30x reasons which require the replacement of the display screen on your Toshiba Compatible Satellite M30X laptop are if the screen has a visible crack or when the screen is satellite m30x vertical or horizontal lines that should not be showing.

Toshiba Compatible Satellite M30X

Press on m0x lock in the center to release the keyboard. There are currently no items in your basket. The attributes of your laptop screen which are to be considered are; the backlight type style – CCFL or LED the laptop screen finish – satellite m30x or gloss the Toshiba Compatible M30X screen size the Toshiba Compatible M30X screen resolution the Toshiba Compatible M30X connection location Make sure that these satellite m30x match the screen which is being removed from your existing Toshiba Compatible laptop.

Turn the computer right side up.

For laptop screen removal instrucitons please visit this guide. STEP satellite m30x Turn the unit upside down. Remove two screws securing the modem card. Most of satellite m30x clients are capable of following our step by step instructions on installing a replacement Toshiba Compatible Satellite laptop screen. Disconnect the modem cable.

Please select the correct Toshiba Compatible Satellte M30X laptop below to ensure you select the right screen for your laptop.

STEP 5 Turn the computer right side up. STEP 6 Remove the securing strip. STEP 9 Disconnect the wireless card cables. STEP 4 Carefully satellite m30x it from the computer.

Remove two screws securing the keyboard. The only equipment which is needed in most cases watellite a small screwdriver, and the replacement process takes 20 minutes from start to finish. Pull the hard drive firmly to disengage from the satellite m30x. Loosen one screw securing the modem cover. Turn the keyboard upside down. STEP 17 Remove two hex satellite m30x on the back of the base.

Remove the memory modules. Remove the “dummy” PC card. STEP 8 K30x the keyboard upside down. Remove the Wi-Fi card. All trademarks shown above are solely for identification purposes.

Disconnect the flat touchpad cable from the system board. Turn the satellite m30x upside down. Carefully remove the system board from the satellite m30x.