I downloaded the drivers from 3d guru: GigaWatt , Feb 23, Hello, What to do if I don’t have PC beep on the level tag? I use Vista Newest drivers from realte. Now i would expect that realtek will have a higherend series chip that includes a number of digital as well as analog bonuses such as Dolby Digital LIVE!

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I give em both kudo’s for effort and chipping in and trying to help me out.

I DID find a solution that actually worked, and I am presenting it below. Could anybody help me?

Realtek ALC1200 (The confusion and questions answered)

Then that mess sound gone. Now i would expect that realtek will have a higherend series chip that includes a number ac1200 digital as well as analog bonuses such as Dolby Digital LIVE!

Anybody have a cure for this problem? It’s working perfectly, but I’m trying to achieve something a al1200 ‘special’ It’s 7. The static was prevalent all the time unless I muted the speakers.

When I made a Skype call, the static was very annoying to the person on the other end. Please excuse this cross post Tom’s Hardware forum members are always glad to help! I no little about all this but may help? Sorry for my bad english. Realtek hd audio driver r2. I’d like to use it to ouput 2. Once I closed EasyTune, the crackling disappeared — and has been gone for several days now.


Gonna have to do some more research on it, but I’m using them now and they seem to work pretty good. Nov 6, Messages: Some games its louder. By separating the wires inside the computer and leaving space between them the noise is cured.

Realtek ALC1200 motherboards

I tried to set all possible volume levels to max but still it is very soft. Just so it stops the noise. Can you elaborate on that? Newest drivers from realte.

Download Asus P5Q WS Realtek ALC Audio Driver for Win7 .

The background static changes when I am page between browser pages and video. I think an external sound card might solve the problem. Any answer, even if its the wrong one, made in a maner that is a genuine attempt to help deserves no less than a thumbs up, A for effort, etc. I have used the same speakers on a previous asus board an78x-x zith a real tec alc’97 chip and here the sound level was much more louder.


RightMark Audio Analyzer results were very good, so I think that external sound cards provide some kind of shielding from these CPU disturbances which the onboard system cannot.

I moved audio wire out of reach with other wire. I checked on the realtek control panel and the realtwk exists there as well, except that the sliders on the Rexording input control are not even visible. I have asus p5ql-em the back socket is working fine, so speakers is working fine. The noise will bleed into the audio chain, and will be amplified.

Sorry i’m of no help here with windows xp. Will try to update bios later, be interested to know if that would solve it.