What we do is really all about prod- uct development. Thus 3 , Form L giral, he fell. Mr Shelton was head of the Corporation’s information technology department in Doncaster prior to became executive secretary for British Coal in June. In this, also, we see an approach to Bengali. Arid once on board, the pampering really starts. Ever since Algeria mediated between Iran and the US to secure the release of 52 US dip- lomatic hostages from Tehran to , the country has earned a reputation for skilful diplo- macy in a region prone to nrtppTTiiwn am i violence.

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They now account for 22 ja per cent of the home market. Both Kemira and Air Prod- ucts were among the consor- tium of five groups involved in management of the project and which together put up the investment.

The same oonstructioa occurs in Bengali. The Deva-nagari character is used by a few of the educated classes who have come under the literary influence of Benares, and it is understood and read by all persons who pretend to a liberal education.

Bnt even they could have forgiven the perfectionist Briton for any cultural snub if he had provided a winning car. Mr Tsivkin has been seeking an exit visa for ten years, which has been cit doe to sensitive employment which he left 11 years ago.

The Workshops provide Intensive training for small numbers of Individuals and a further three are planned ee Autumn. A few books have been printed in it. Thns we have both and for dgnd.

Natives, who are quick to recogaise any divergence of dialect, call the language of Eastern Grorakhpur Gorakhpuri, and the cid of the west of that district and of Basti, Sarwaria. In this sketch, verbal terminations formed by changing ai to aii, i to or in to or by adding k, are omitted, to save space.

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Moreover, while Najib who became president in is eager to emphasise that his regime is different, the hundreds of thousands of people whose relatives were tortured or executed in jail wfll not easily forget his black history as bead of the Kh ad. The Concerto that Schnittke has composed is hardly distin- guishable from tbe cus- tom-built vehicle for Bashmet, who by general consent has no peer among concert violists.

In the conjugation of verbs, the Bhojpuri verb substantive, bate, smi is, does not appear in the other two. It says the immediate ca use w as the suspension of two worker rep- mwi freon toe worker- management board in a dis- Thfe. The conclusion is clr thinly- disguised criticism of the way in which the Ministry of Defence conducted the sale.

Good clear floor space.

There is also a strong likelihood of capital investment retaining its solid growth. Another method of achieving peace is the attempt to use tribal connections’ Fazal Haq Khahqyar, governor of Herat, a non-party man who was governor under the former ITiwgTahir Shah, AypTaVntr “J am an old respected man of Herat and know all these people. Call us on and we’ll help turn around your next presentation.

To un-kar bap nikas-ke al’tbin, 5 manawe not wished.

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White the generic safety of the FWR has been c halten ged, few issues have been identified further mwi those raised during the month inquiry int aSSge – well B, Britain’s first FWR, under construction in Suffolk. As examples of Compound Verbs, we have ccir he gave ; daufi jdi-ke, having run, and others. Too often in the past, utopian visions of a per- fect society have proved destructive.

It is something like the a in farrier.

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The company said that by 5pm on Friday dockers had signed and returned new contracts of employment which had been offered to them individually while the dock strike was stm on. In Peking the seven exe- cuted had been convicted of burning military vehicles, stealing equipment, and attacking troops during the turmoil there three weeks ago. Mithila, or TPirhut, is one of the most congested parts of India. The Communist Alliance, which ran third last Sunday with 28 seats In the mem- ber house, called for the set- ting up as soon as possible of a national unity government responsible for prosecuting members of the defeated Socialist administration impli- cated in financial scandals, and holding new elections.

Convincing clients that the archi- tect is often right is one of the great problems of today. Thy banibai-mi-se ek bam’ro rakkba. The text of the restated Articles trflnurapuniiion, showing the proposed changes, can be obtained from the registered office of die Company m simp te request and without any cost. Certainly, the fate of marina and waterfront property will mirror that of the industry at large. Her comments came in response to a call from Mr Neil Kinnock, the opposition Labour leader, for the 12 Com- munity leaders to agree in Madrid on a package of eco- nomic sanctums.

Other important issues are reaching agreement on waivers and currency options.

But 38 Bishopsgate, mod- em in front, refurbished early 20th century buildings behind, withBq ft of space, is the sort of complex that curly the largest investor, foreign or domestic, can c ontemplate buy- ing. A new code of hygiene prac- tice for Britain’s poultry pro- ducers was among the first official initiatives with the Government’s white paper on food safety, published last week, the most recent develop- ment.