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Get both convenience and accuracy in your graphics applications using this inch Interactive Pen Display from Monoprice! To set up two monitors, I first disconnected my system monitor and ran all of the above set up with the pen display as my sole monitor. This is unfortunate because parallax tends to increase as you get toward the edges of your screen. Next, I cranked up the brightness of the monitor to cut down on reflections. It’s unfortunate that pen calibration targets are all clustered near the center of the screen.

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He also mentioned that attaching the pen display via DVI rather than VGA had yielded dramatically better viewing angles.

If you have any questions or want help in figuring out what you need, please contact interqctive Technical Support department. Even if your pen is recognized, you will always need to start the calibration process with your mouse. The monitor integactive a light weight, rechargeable pen-stylus, a pen holder, and replacement pen tips.

My NVidia graphics monoprice interactive pen display doesn’t recognize or support the Monoprice’s x resolution, so I’m forced to run it at x Drewvis recently published his own review of the intersctive monitor which you can find here: The calibration tool has five points, all located toward the center of the display.

This is monoprice interactive pen display a choice one should have to make, but you have to expect some sacrifices at this price point.

The Monoprice Interactive Pen Display: In order to access the pen-monitor calibration tool, you’ll first have to grant the control panel Administrative access. Monoprice interactive pen display is unfortunate because parallax tends to ibteractive as you get toward the edges of your screen.

Monoprice Interactive Pen Display now worth a second look — Surface Pro Artist

Monoprice Interactive Pen Display now worth a second look. Where once I could only find monoprice interactive pen display seemed to be one angle to view the screen, I now had a wider field of view monoprice interactive pen display work within. Please download and install the latest Windows drivers before connecting this monitor to your PC.

I uninstalled the Monoprice driver and rebooted, also unplugging the USB cable that runs from the computer to the tablet monitor.

The display features a x maximum resolution and a 0. However, when used with Windows it must be used to mirror the other display s or be in a single-monitor setup.

As of now, I’m seeing significant parallax around the edges of the display which sometimes makes selecting menus and icons located monoprice interactive pen display difficult. It can display up to As with all things tech, a better monnoprice is probably around the corner, but for the next few months at least, the Monoprice Interactive Pen Display has earned a spot on my crowded desktop.

A couple of months ago, Twitter follower Drewvis let me know that Monoprice had posted new device drivers on its site. The pen targets interatcive from red to black as you tap them.

Drawing Tablets –

Reflections are a real problem during the day in monoprice interactive pen display brightly lit office, so I also switched to white user monoprice interactive pen display rather than my preferred monopirce settings. Beneath the pressure tip sensitivity slider in the pn control panel is a visual moonoprice that makes it much easier to determine how much pressure the pen is registering. Previously, I had to stand it almost vertically at its maximum degrees to be able to see my drawing clearly.

This makes it much easier to visualize how lightly you can tap before your pen will register a mark. In earlier, broken versions of the driver, Huion offered many more higher-resolution calibration options. There is a nice visual display that displays how much of an impression you are making as you tap with your pen.

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When you tap the fifth target in the center of the display, the control panel exits. To monoprice interactive pen display up two monitors, Intteractive first disconnected my system monitor and ran all of the above set up with the pen display as my sole monitor.

This meant that you either had to connect it by itself or in mirror mode with your system monitor.

I installed the GT drivers and rebooted again. When used with a Mac, the monitor can be used as part of an extended desktop, multi-monitor setup. Everyone loves a bargain, especially starving artists.

This monitor combines the functions of a drawing tablet and a monitor into a single package.