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Our current Free Prizedraw!! I need power and lots of it. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. The simple backup only saves your My Documents folder, while the custom backup allows you to select the folders you’d like to have protected. Agree or disagree, or just have a question? What is included, alongside the actual drive and mini manual, is a double-headed USB lead to provide power and data connectivity. Use the box below and let everyone know.

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The cable onetoch two USB ports for the PC, in case the port is not powered; it’s able to draw enough power from two non-powered ports to run.

Beyond the general purpose of data transport or storage it’s this software which makes the drive so useful. Top reads Invite a friend! A very useful drive for the tech-savvy and not so tech-savvy alike.

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini Specs – CNET

Today’s hot reads last updated Dec 29, Checking the Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini speed when backing up data resulted in transfer rates 120b between 4. According to Seagate, who now owned the Maxtor brand, the GB available on the review model should be able to contain 2, hours of digital music or 51, digital photos or hours of digital video or 40 two-hour DVD quality movies.

Then, when you get home just hit synchronise again and Bob’s your uncle. There are also options to password protect the OneTouch drive plus create a secure, password protected area that is encrypted. My first computer had a 20MB hard drive. This software needs to be installed as your first act after attaching the drive to your system.

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Mac users will require OS X Again, onwtouch tool has a simple or custom option. For instance, set it to do a simple backup, make sure you save all important files into the My Documents folder, then, quite simply, at the end of a busy session at work, school or university just hit the OneTouch button and the backup gets underway without having to mess around with the software at all.

Reviews msxtor related category Storage.

It’s a lengthy process, and is therefore an irregular backup for important incremental changes. With capacities such as these it is obvious that the ” mini ” reference is more to do with the size of the device rather than its storage capacity.

This section is divided into two options; simple and custom. The OneTouch 4 Mini’s compact enclosure x81x15mm only 120gn around g and is so slim it hardly leaves any room for the internal circuits and cabling that it must invariably have. Search Gadget 120g reviews: We’re sorry about this but we need to do this to prevent our site being abused by people looking for free advertising! Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected.

OneTouch 4 Mini Software | Seagate

The backup side of things is split into two categories; file backup and SafetyDrill. This feature is ideal in the event of a worst-case scenario-type problem, such as a 10gb drive crash or virus, allowing you to restore your entire system to exactly the way it was when you made the backup.

Beyond the drive itself, nothing else is matxor required, except of course for a USB cable which is supplied. Maxtor Manager is an amalgamation of several applications, including backup, synchronisation and security features.

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini

Take, for instance, the latest mini offering to join the Maxtor brand stable. Reviews by category Storage. To make sure you’re real, please simply enter the 4 digit code above into the following box. We’ve had lots of problems with spam-bots adding inappropriate comments to articles.

If you like to share data, or simply need to access two computers regularly you’ll find this very handy. Copying the supplied software, as recommended by the manual, achieved a transfer rate of 3. Would you buy this?

This small, dare we say, funky looking portable hard drive is a great option and a must have for regular users of multiple PCs or those wishing to share their data wealth with friends and colleagues. This won’t take nearly as long as the SafetyDrill and can be done daily to ensure the security of your files.

The gigabyte is the modern day currency when considering storage capacity and even then three figures is often the norm rather than the exception.