Shigeru Kawai Handcrafted from precious renewable materials, these limited edition concert series grand pianos provide unparalleled touch, purity of tone and expression. Additional string resonance and damper effects are also applied, delivering rich tones with breathtaking realism and authenticity. The keyboard of the instrument has 88 weighted keys sporting the technology of the fourth generation – Advanced Hammer Action IV-F, which successfully simulates a real acoustic grand piano. Pro Stage Pianos Regarded by music industry insiders as the most authentic and durable stage pianos around, the MP Series offers unrivalled touch, sound and control to meet the demands of professional musicians. It contains the stand and the acrylic music rack.

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Kawai CN27 Digital Piano. GL Classic Series Our dramatic new range of grand pianos with modern styling and the design intelligence to allow the player to achieve full musical artistry. FH pedal unit – Damper with half-pedal support. K Series Professional Sleek lines combine with advanced technology to create a range pianos with rich, vibrant textures of tone to captivate any player.

amartinod’s review – Kawai ES6 – Black – Audiofanzine

This unique design allows for a compact, portable instrument that is ideal for live stage performances, while standard LINE OUT jacks are also included for effortless connectivity, should additional amplification be required.

Kawai CS11 Digital Piano. Sofia, 3 Rusalka str. Of course for piano each in ksb own criteria of value and of no will tell you that it lacks this or that, but all I know of is that I have immediately felt a good feeling with this instrument and I feel that I will spend many hours on it because it will allow me to make music with renewed pleasure; OVERALL OPINION E6 like the quality of the piano sounds and the ability to customize to my criteria for listening.


Midi is generally used for music production, when you want to use your keyboard as a controller for say a violin or other array of sounds you have running from a program. It only records from the piano, and can save that file.

Check your user manual for details.

The effects section of the digital piano ES6 included: Additional string resonance and damper effects are also applied, delivering rich tones with breathtaking realism and authenticity. Please Support Our Advertisers. Home Digital Pianos Affordable digital pianos that feature touch and sound technologies derived from our top concert grand pianos, our home digital pianos set a bold new standard in value and performance.

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

Model ES8 – the latest addition to the line of portable digital pianos Kawai. However, at the same time, ES6 speaker system makes it possible to successfully use it on stage. In addition this set can be expanded by the 3 pedal unit FH. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Style Demo 3 1,34 MB.

At first I have to do some of the pianos sound settings, because personal opinion I prefer the bright sound and saw the number of possible settings: Rhythm Section – styles x 2 variations – 4-part accompaniment select – preset chord sequences – Chord mode: But Audacity has many useful features lacking in the Windows sound recorder.


Novus Hybrid Pianos Real grand piano touch.

Kawai ES6 – Black. And then play that file back? A superb series of rich, vivid, expressive grand pianos. Included with the instrument is the FH deluxe damper pedal with half-damper capability. Chorus, Tremolo, Delay, Rotary and Overdrive.

Usb Usage; X91; About The Usb Driver – Kawai ES6 Owner’s Manual [Page 74]

I can play the file on my computers, win media player, but need this signal to be sent to the keyboard. Does Audacity enable better “communication” between piano and computer? As others have said, the easiest way to record your playing is through a direct line. The digital piano included a string resonance function and a damper effect, which made it possible to provide the sound with rich tones, amazing realism — the authenticity of the generated sound made ES6 stand out among the previous models of the ES series.

In addition this set can be expanded by the 3 pedal unit FH. You play around with the piano’s output level and Audacity’s input level until you get an acceptable recording level. You can use Audacity to digitally record the sound. Some can record MIDI to a thumb drive.