I have also been using 0. So they are not part of the problem right now. High side mosfet driving problem – IR By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The problem that you are seeing is that the bootstrap capacitor is being discharged through the 1K ohm resistor in series with the ohm resistor. High side mosfet driving problem – IR You were right guys, the technician I asked to build a prototype of this circuit soldered the positive electrode of the 47 uF cap to the gate of the FET, between resistors, instead of connecting it to VB. The good news is, you don’t need it.

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While I will have overcurrent protection in the final circuit, I still find it quite bad and would like to make sure that chances of this kind of failure are close to nonexistent.

It is meant to be used with a common mosfet load output hence the need for a dead time.

My tests only confirm that higher resistance increases turn on time. At first it happened twice on the driver furthers away from 48v connector.

Ok, it seems we are on to something here. I suspect an inductive spike or something Still I find it ir21001 that failure of the driver causes both mosfets to switch on causing the short circuit. High side mosfet driving problem – IR Maybe it’s just the gate capacitor slowly self discharging. Trevor above suggested even that I ir21001 Ohm instead. High side mosfet driving problem – IR The waveform makes no sense for a 47 uF bootstrap capacitor, with or without 1 k gate-source resistor.


H-Bridge DC motor driver circuit with IR2101

Currently I have not done any other tests besides spinning up the motor three identical circuits are used to drive one phase each.

Hopefully you have measured the turn on and turn off times and are using at least double that value. When the high side FET is on, the voltage drop across it drain-source voltage is about 2. Typically driver in one of the phases fails.

MOSFET and IR Driver | All About Circuits

The gate voltage drops and the high side FET works in its linear region. Is it because this voltage spike on the drain of the top FET also creates a voltage spike on the gate as it is discharged and this spike gets absorbed by the driver msofet and burns the chip?

The short happens after the driver chip fails because it then drives both gates high really bad way to fail. Is it possible to go way too low here? If I decouple each FET then that would mean the cap would be placed between drain and source of each fet.

High Current Half-Bridge Driver Using IR2101/IR2104 Gate Driver

Bogumil I’ve never seen such configuration. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Post as a guest Name. That time constant looks more like the nF capacitor alone with the ohm in series with 1K ohm to discharge the cap. Here is the datasheet for IR I’d add electrolytic caps too, the one you put in your layout seems in the proper place.

A supply voltage sag can’t cause intermediate output voltage at the highside. Eiher the capacitor isn’t connected or some part is defective. Can the above circuit work at all or do I have to completely redesign it? Last edited by Bianconero; 16th February at Amplifier Yamaha RX-V not turning on I have added a single 47uF 63v cap in the middle at the top.

Of course I have resistive load connected between the VS node and ground, forgot to draw it. The time now is How would you handle it externally for a 3 phase motor 3 wires, star configuration?

High side mosfet driving problem – Mosfwt What’s the duty cycle of your rectangular Hz signal?

Finally moxfet the differences in the typical connection diagrams of both parts, there is a reason the ir version shows two load outputs while the ir version only shows one. Also, your last two suggestions: