Also, Mark, if you’d like any system info or windows error reporting from when this occurs, let me know and I’ll paste it back. Sorry if I sounded rude, just wanted to know beforehand. It was just to test a theory. I have a Spanish version of W7 not my natural language, but trying my best to be clear with what I say Hope it helps! I haven’t had any problems with other USB devices as some have mentioned with wireless adapters, etc.

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Although I would rather have the extra gig for my VM’s, I can live with this for a bit until things get fixed.

Highpoint HPT374 RocketRAID454 Free Driver Download (Official)

By reinstalling the program, you can replace all program files, shortcuts, registry keys and other files. Doesn’t matter what I do, the same probem reoccurs. Enumerating INFs from path list ‘C: I have had this issue over a month now and firmly believe it is related to nvidia, USB peripherals, regardless of the type and it just happens I’m now realizing that fact. OCZ had y could be sure that the replacements matched exactly.

Last time it happens when i’m trying to copy huge amount of small files to the ext. Eventually, even if I could manage to end the copy process, I would have to do a forced shutdown because even after 30 minutes or so the system would not fully recover.

Performing device install final cleanup Nevertheless it’s possible that the fact that Win7x64 users trying to access external HD data via wireless network are experiencing identical problems to those here with USB connections could help focus the search for a solution.

I’ve been running Win7 Ultimate x64 since the pre-beta last October.

HighPoint Global website

SSnake, Go to control panel, hardware and sound, open device npt374, expand the “network adapters” tree and report what’s listed. I have the same issue, it disappeared for awhile and is now back with a vengeance.

What I do find interesting is that Win7 thinks this is a GeForce Will let you know how it ends. Your name or email address: If Arie suggests a reformat, I wouldn’t think it was suggested lightly.

I would like to describe a problem with my notebook that is related to moving large files from 1 GB up to and external hard drive via USB. Mark, For your workaround quoted below: I couldn’t cancel the file copy, I could exit any application winows as FireFox or even click anything. Click on the logo orb, then start typing “reliability” in the menu used to be the start menu, not sure what it’s called these days Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Drivers for HPT UDMA/ATA RAID Controller

Htp374 i’m using Vista x64 – external HDD works fine. And indeed some people do not have this problem but more and more reports are coming in of people with this issue. Hold Windows and R keys simultaneously on your keyboard to open Run. A little digging I noticed my printer was on a USB controller that shared an interrupt with my video Nvidia.

To get to services. Problem solved with the temporary workaround. I was using the extra gig in Vista as a ram drive for the page file, anyway Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate Signature Edition. I can copy about 3gb before I run into trouble but if I have any other usb devices plugged hpt37, it makes it much, much worse. So you’d still get use of 7GB until a fix is released.

How to uninstall HPT374 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller

It does work with Vista x Whenever I try to windoqs a scan with avast! I don’t believe it’s related to the current problem, so please post any updates on the issue in that thread.

This worked fine for me thanks.