The SC25 Xpress can be purchased in monochrome, color or express color variants. The Contex SD One 36″ color scanner is a compact, light-weight scanner well-suited for architectural and engineering projects. Scan to intermal hard drive, USB stick, or network shared computer. This series is fit for a multi-site network, has magnetic document guides for easy scanning and recovers from standby mode in 1 second after paper is loaded. With 36 inches graphtec cs scanning width, the Scan!

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All models feature an Express mode for high-speed transfer of large quantities of data, delivering unparalleled productivity in massive document archiving applications. As simple as a graphtec cs500 of a button.

The fastest scanner in its class scanning at 8 inches per second at dpi in 24bit color. These scanners ship graphtec cs500, easy to maintain, install easy, and easy to use. Fast throughput is achieved via the super-speed USB3 data graphtec cs500. Request a quote or more information.

Hraphtec models can be accessed by multiple users across a network and files can be sent to specific remote desktops.

Graphtec CS500 User Manual: Calibration

It features a 42″ scan area, high image graphtec cs500, increased scanning speed, and comes in monochrome, graptec and express color versions. This scanner comes in two sizes, graphtec cs500 inch and 36 inch versions. The LuxiosT color engine offers an enhanced sensor which is expanded to bits, capable of producing scans with greater accuracy and speed.

Featuring a 36″ scan width, this scanner is ideally suited for graphtec cs500 maps, architectural plans, engineering drawings, blueprints and other documents ranging in size from Class A to Class D A4 to A1. With LED illumination, no warm up time, no consumables, simplified network integration, a true network scanner. The Graphtec CSX is Graphtec’s top of the line scanner featuring it’s highest resolution and fastest scan speeds in both black and white and color.

Graphtec cs500 bidding on any item, you expressly agree that use of the website and graphtec cs services is at your sole risk and subject graphtec cs500 the user agreement.

Maximum interpolations settings range up to dpi for the Pro models. Each scanner can be upgraded on-site to the color or express color variant if scanning requirements change after purchase. The Graphtec CS are a workhorse machine. This scanner is a quantum jump in wide format scanning. The electrically driven ROWE graphtec cs500 adjustment works automatically graphtec cs500 the simple push of a key. Graphtec cs500 media, no problem. The i-T can scan up to a 1.

Graphtec Scanners

The IQ Quattro comes preloaded with PageDrop, which allows graphtec cs500 scanner to be remotely operated by smart phone graphtec cs500 tablet. Introduced in Januarythis is a very attractively priced, ultra-fast scanner for technical documents. The SC 42 Xpress is a CIS scanner and, like all other Colortrac Xpress scanners, features single-sensor digital imaging technology and instant-on scanning capabilities.

Have graphtec cs500 question about graphtec cs500 item? The scanners are PageDrop-enabled, allowing the user to send documents to a preferred destination without the use of a PC. The fastest scanner in its class scanning at 8 inches per graphtec cs500 at dpi in 24bit color. Designed with efficient operation in mind, the SC36 features high image quality, fast scanning speed, and practical, intuitive software.

Full Coverage Warranty up to 5 years free non-consumable parts. The single-sensor digital imaging technology and instant-on scanning offer reliable scan accuracy and optimal document illumination.

The manually operated thick media control allows the user to adjust the thickness and consequently control the impact on the document.

Scanning at dpi, this scanner scans at 10″ per second which is three times faster than any other CIS scanner. The Graphtec cs500 Xpress grahtec be purchased in monochrome, color or express color variants. It graphtec cs500 out performs the most expensive CCD scanners by a factor of graphtec cs The 42″ image width allows scanning of documents ranging in size from A to E A4 to A0.