Thanks for answering Erich! It is available from http: Otherwise it might be hard to tell what the problem could be. The code runs in an endless loop. Hi, just tried the last version of the PE 1. Hi Daniel, have you loaded as well the RingBuffer component?

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Garreth, yes, the board can make a difference. Still, it typically does not solve your drivers problem. Hi Candelo, yes, this is a bug in Processor Expert see https: This is what I get in the configuration tab:.

Great to see that it works for you know. Could you provide some more details on this? The fix for K64F has been committed on GitHuband will be available with the next release of the components on SourceForge. Yep, that works, but is a pain: Many thanks for your help and your work.

Well, I asked why USB is required.

Thanks by advance for your help. Thanks for answering Erich! Over a million developers have joined DZone.

Install Drivers for NXP FRDM-KL25Z Board – MATLAB & Simulink

Maybe it is this: I hope this helps. BU t I have a problem.

Otherwise it might be hard to tell what the problem could be. I was not surprised by the answer: Hope this helps, Erich Like Like. Sincerely, Johnny Like Like.

USB Host Project with KSDK 1.3 and Processor Expert

It is really hard to isolate the files and functions you need. The issue with the USB0 name can be easily changed by you: It comes with documentation and examples and supports many processors and USB modes.

Again any suggestions of help is appreciated — thanks! There has to be a way to make things simpler for me!

If I need one, for sure it is in the other lab. That would probably helped as well.

USB Host Project with KSDK and Processor Ex | NXP Community

I need to make sure that the engineer cxc the field is equipped with the converters too. Thank you very much for your help, and thanks for creating this component.

Hard to see how that could happen on supposedly identical hardware and software…. Hi Erich, Many thanks for your help and your work.

Hi Brynn, check the following project setting: Thanks a lot for your amazing tutorials! An example project for KDS V1. Hi Erich, do you know if it is possible to instantiate two CDC components, without conflicts? RS is simple and not expensive.

All my components do not require a license.