As much as that last item can irritate some of us – anyone who purchased an expensive LCD two years ago feel free to raise your hand – HDCP support is now a feature that the majority of users will want to have, if only as a safeguard. Tech support said they would take back the monitor and the speaker bar add-on since the speaker only worked on this one monitor and refund my money for both. However, it may be possible to get on-site service if you purchase a display along with a Gateway computer. Once you have a good quality display, there are only a few reasons to consider upgrading: As a whole, this was a great monitor, the s-pva panel upgrade is amazing and I’m glad I spent the money to get all s-pva or p-mva panels instead of tn ones. CRTs have basically been relegated to the budget sector, and very few manufacturers are interested in that market anymore. Logging into a server from a remote location is more than sufficient for most administrative tasks.

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The colors on this are amazing, from a standard desk viewing there is no viewing angle issue.

CRTs have basically fpd245w relegated to the budget sector, and very few manufacturers are interested in that market anymore. Get this Gateway monitor and enjoy watching your favorite movies and playing games. I called Gateway and they refused to send me a new monitor. In such usage scenarios, the display is probably the least important component in the system.

Gateway FPDW LCD Monitor Specs – CNET

About this product Product Information The Gateway FPDW Monitor has a sleek design that fits on to your desk with ease, giving you ample space to keep other things. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Introduction It has been quite some time since we’ve done any display reviews at AnandTech. In some cases, the numbers appear to be purely for marketing purposes, and the importance and accuracy of the quoted figures are often suspect. Unlike computers where you might upgrade systems every year or two – or at least a few of the components – it is not unusual to use a display for a very long fpc2485w.

It adjusts in a variety of ways There is no noticeable fd2485w blur I suppose if you strain yourself to look for it you will see it but it is not detracting to viewing anything in the slightest A plethora of connections Automatically adjusts the screen settings to the detected input resolution The Bad: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Plasma displays have fpd2485 been around for quite some time, but their increased weight relative to LCDs is likely to keep them away from the computer market. If you purchase the display direct from Gateway, any repairs will also fpd2485e you to pay for shipping the Fpd2485s back to Gateway. Additional Product Features Monitor Color. The second monitor did not work right out of the box, none of the touch control buttons lit up and they did not work, I had no way to turn the monitor on or off.

We spoke with customer service a few times regarding this and they could not give a definitive answer, so for now the fppd2485w way to get local service is going to be purchasing locally.

I called Gateway and they refused to send me a new monitor. There aren’t all that many LCD panel manufacturers, so the display manufacturers will often use the same base panel.

It gets my 4.

Gateway 2485W LCD Monitor

It makes it very hard to plug things in and out and it makes cable management impossible as all of the cables shoot out the bottom of the monitor like little tentacles. When I asked how long this was going to go on, there reply was “until I get a unit the works” In all fairness, this is a nice monitor, but three bad ones in a row, and fpd485w lack of proper customer service, is enough to make anyone think twice!

Users hoping to hook up an Xbox to this display will likely be disappointed with the lack of p support gpd2485w component video, but at least they can still use fpd24885w VGA adapter. You may also like. Dell UH 24″ Show More Show Less.

Gateway FPDW: 24″ LCD Beauty or Beast?

A typical power user will load up a lot of web pages in the course of a day; work on some documents, images, spreadsheets, etc. It is a topic that comes up on a regular basis, and the display is definitely an important aspect of any computer system.

While the display is clearly designed to function as a computer display first, it is also fully capable of functioning as a i HDTV as well as a p HDTV fpd2485d, although you will need to provide your own speakers or purchase the optional speaker bar.

This Gateway monitor has a x resolution that gives you a superb working experience. That is not to say that LCDs are the only foreseeable display technology for the future, but before we get into the technologies, let’s briefly talk cpd2485w displays in general. More items related to this product. If you never intend to watch video content on your display, you can probably manage to live without it, but all other things being equal why not spend a few dollars more for something that might be useful?

Backlighting and signal processing can still gpd2485w different components, however, which can affect various aspects of the display. So far this monitor has gone above and beyond my expectations on nearly every level! Many of the concerns we used to have about LCDs have now been addressed – pixel response times, color purity, and pricing have in the past been the major deterrence towards purchasing a large new LCD.

Fpdd2485w Full-length Speaker Bar Integrated power connection to main panel.