Digital signals lose their integrity over long distances, and analog video signals normally lose amplitude and high frequency response over long cable runs. For increased flexibility, the models also feature integrated USB hubs for sharing peripherals located hundreds to thousands of feet from the host computer. Line Drivers Line drivers are available for a wide variety of analog video signal types as well as audio. What type of signal needs to be extended: Line drivers apply a voltage boost to the source signal so that when the signal reaches the point where degradation normally would occur, the signal still has plenty of gain to carry on to its destination. We value your comments. We design advanced technologies to create better looking images, higher quality sound, systems that are easier to control and work more reliably.

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Although HDMI and DVI are popular interface standards for high resolution digital video in AV systems, supported distances vary with signal resolution and cable quality. Twisted pair and fiber optic cables are ideally suited for mid- extron vga line long-haul transmission of low and high resolution digital video signals as well as audio. A primary concern is the inherent distance limitations of the technology.

Select a Extron vga line Number: The DVI extenders are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution video with the highest quality. Once again, distance depends on the selected transmission technology. Please enter a valid e-mail address. Our powerful asset management tools are helping technology professionals efficiently manage large numbers of audiovisual systems deployed throughout their enterprises and institutions.

Both versions also include an energy-efficient, external universal power supply for worldwide compatibility.

Why are Extenders and Line Drivers needed? Thank you for visiting our redesigned website.

Extron Announces New High Resolution VGA Line Driver with EDID MinderĀ® | Extron

Share this item kine Email. Transmitter and receiver pairs facilitate long distance transmission vta HDMI signals via twisted pair or fiber extron vga line cabling. Extron DisplayPort extenders are specifically engineered for Professional AV applications, enabling long haul delivery of HDCP-compliant DisplayPort video, multi-channel audio, and control signals over fiber optic cabling.

Some of the benefits of twisted pair are its low cost, light weight, and fast installation characteristics, Benefits with fiber include its small size, long haul transmission, zero signal degradation, and immunity to outside interference.

Please take a moment to provide comments to help us improve your experience. What type of signal needs to be extended: Please take a moment extron vga line provide comments to help us improve your experience. IP Link Control Processors. USB extenders are specifically engineered extron vga line professional AV applications to enable remote operation of USB extroh devices over extreme distances.

Cable equalizers and signal regenerators can be used in conjunction to ensure optimal picture quality over very long runs and to improve system performance. Add Item to Cart.

Extron Extron vga line extenders work as transmitter and receiver pairs to extend the transmission distance capability of USB data significantly beyond the 15 feet 5 meter standard limitation. They work by equalizing the incoming signal and reclocking the outgoing signal, and can be used together for applications with a poor quality infrastructure. Unbalanced computer stereo audio is converted to extron vga line, line level stereo audio to eliminate noise usually associated with unbalanced audio when distributed over long cable runs.

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Extenders & Line Drivers | Extron

For increased flexibility, the models also feature integrated USB hubs for sharing peripherals located hundreds to ectron extron vga line feet from the host computer. Then, pick the product category that best extron vga line your needs.

They are similar to distribution amplifiers in many respects, but where DAs have multiple outputs, extenders and line drivers have only one.

Digital Extenders Extenders extron vga line as transmitter and receiver pairs to facilitate long distance transmission of digital signals via shielded or unshielded twisted pair or fiber optic cable. To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version Digital Cable Equalizers and Signal Regenerators Digital cable equalizers and signal regenerators ensure signal integrity over long cable runs.

VGA to VGA Cables

Please enter a valid e-mail address. Line drivers are available for a wide variety of analog video signal types as well as extron vga line. Extron Extenders and Line Drivers enable long distance signal transmission between one source and one destination.

Choosing an Extender or Line Driver Extenders and line drivers are essential for applications where one signal source needs to be extended to one display.