If your passcode is correct, you will see the list of certificates you can download. Click Make a Payment. You can change the password for them on the first tab, or contact them and tell them they must first update their password in the My Account tool. If you choose to pay by credit card, select the credit card option and input the credit card information to complete your transaction. ExoStar has a guide to video ID proofing here:

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For computer environments that support 32Bit: For EPCS enrollment, your practice needs at least one eRx Administrator who is a different person from the prescriber. The system prompts you for the password set in step 6, to download the certificates. You must have Organization or Billing Contact role to view. Created by Ashleigh Howelllast modified on Dec 12, Register the Authy App With Your Identification The Authy application will walk you through entering identification information to use it as a software token.

Exosta addition to the information on this screen, you will be asked a series of identification questions. Verify Your Legal Name and Enter Your Address and Other Details On the next screen, verify your name and enter your address, date of birth, phone numbers, and the last four digits of your social security number.

You can save time when you search for a drug in PCC eRx by creating search short cuts, hiding unused drugs and dosing statements, and following some best practices edostar you search. The name is used for eRx services, and will appear as it does here on prescriptions. Initialize the token in FIPS mode.

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. Double-check the serial number carefully before you continue. The system automatically selects all of them for download.

How useful was this content? Special tips and features of each component in the PCC eRx section of a patient’s chart. Once you confirm exostr identity, you will proceed to register your hard token.

If selecting the invoice option, payment must be received and processed before the subscription renewal is updated.

You must have a government-issued photo ID. How useful was this content? Stay connected LinkedIn Facebook Twitter. Reviewed system and certificate download requirements. It will include both letters and numbers.

License keys are sent to the purchaser and are required for the activation of the product.

Get Started – OTP

The renewal period for OTP and eTools subscriptions is 12 months. When you tap to review the notification, the Authy app will open on your Tooen Watch. Once the Authy app is installed and registered, you can use your mobile device as your possession factor when authenticating to an Exostar system that requires MFA.

What If I Fail?: This section provides instructions on how to install the required software in order for your computer to properly communicate with the Aladdin token you purchased. Click Subscription Renewals located at the top exxostar of the page.

Purchase – PIM

The identification process for EPCS registration is similar to a credit check for a home loan or other identification procedure. After a few moments, the token is recognized. Click Billing and Support upper, right corner. Watch this quick guide to learn how to set up staff and clinicians in your office to use the e-prescribing features in PCC EHR.

It may take up to 24 hours for renewals to process. When you click to begin Exodtar, you will be prompted for the code and can proceed to token registration. Follow the procedure in this article below to enable PCC eRx for providers or any staff at your practice.