I recommend 6 feet or so of clear non-toxic plastic tube size: Does anybody know about the frequency range? No, create an account now. Seriously though, stay in touch with what your head is telling you as you play. It’ll never see it’s full potential.

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Attatch the tube to the driver, run it up your mic stand parallel to the mic.

Building a Talkbox

Talkobx in the end think to sounds good. Above is a diagram of a better method to amplifiy your talk box. I Think electric guitar goes from 83hz to about hz.

Get yourself a good horn driver like a JBL or older Altec that can handel the wattage ypou may want to drive it with and you’re in business. I don’t mind overdrive on talkbox, but I want to have enough power to drive it cleanly, and add overdrive after the effect.

DIY Talkbox Build | Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum

Its actually overdrive that makes the horn work right for a voice box, but yea, you may want something cleaner and add drive to that afterwards. Help FAQs Go to top. It is heavy duty and rated for 60watts Here was my first attempt at it before i got the driver. Your mouth will mask all that completely.


This is the bottom half of the “casing for the driver. The one you linked is the same one I’m looking to purchase, and it’s a w. The drivers range starts at hz. You dont want to have to constantly replace diaphragms, do you? This is the implementation that I am currently using. Obviously, I don’t want to pump w into it. I think mine was from one of those Pagine horns you see in Factories, maybe its a 50w ducane or something like that designed for full frequency voice applications.

Keep on mind, you are going to be putting all that horn power in your mouth and it can rattel your teeth. What I would like to end up with is something that carries an internal amplifier, has an instrument and microphone diiy, and a single line output.

It is a funnel attached to the original speaker from the amp. I’d stay away from going full power, that is, a 50 watt amp into the 50 watt driver full range. Looked extremely funky onstage, but it sure was a topic of conversation! Its loud enough for practice without a mic but saying words isnt as clear without a mic.


DIY Talkbox Build

Seriously though, stay in touch with what your head is telling you as you play. I think that is brilliant.

Something like this may work http: I laid the amp on its back so the cone was dit straight up. Does that mean that you drive it at mph?

Definitely thinking about standard old school talkbox here. Around 15 watts seems a common size, and should work great for this application.

Talkbox Project | Harmony Central

Its was a mid driver, not a high frequency driver. How do I know these things? One of these will work http: The ones that look like foot pedals simply have a small driver in the box.

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