Reccomendations- Nuendo, Motu, Presonus. So for the money, it can get you wherever you want to go. I even returned it to the company once. The offers four hi-fidelity mic preamps. There are some feature issues that would be preferred, but are definitely not items that should keep you from exploring this setup, as they are not hinderances to the music-making process Pro Tools mode, and Standalone mode. Unless you have the cash to burn save some money and get one of these off ebay for your first interface.

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Tested, working Missing 3 of 4 gain knobs, but the rheostats all work. See all my reviews.

When discontinued Price droped ravk, became a nice alternative to competitors. Call us at Digi has enough ins and outs to record a band and have multiple headphone feeds or even digidesign 002 rack.

Continued use of Digidesign 002 rack. Listen people, for the money invested in this piece of gear you will reap more than double it’s value within your first month.

If you follow their guide on compatability you should have no problems either way!

Digidesign 002 rack have a setup with an analog console and I can record 8 tracks right into the unit directly. And the rest of digidessign friends the ones that are barely able to record anything will be blown AWAY by what Pro Tools does.

I’m a local engineer that is able to digidesign 002 rack to where my clients are because of the digi rack.

And your sessions are equally viable in your own digidesign 002 rack and in a professional Pro Tools TDM studio, sharing the same interface, and in many respects, the same functionality. Oh well, just my two cents.

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Digidesign 002

It’s a giant leap up from digidesign 002 rack everything else. There are many other programs that offer just as much if not more, such as Cubase SX3 and others.

Even if the problem is with the unit itself defective manufacturingtheir customer service staff will fight you tooth digidesign 002 rack nail to avoid a return unless it runs on one of their certified computers. Guide to anyone interested in profesional recordings: Digidesign Rack I bought the Mackie Universal to go with it and Whew!!

Reason Adapted An easy-to-use studio package providing a virtual rack of innovative synthesizers, samplers, and effects along with a mixer and MIDI support.

It can sometimes take over digidesign 002 rack hour just to reach a customer service rep on the phone. Digidesign 002 rack recording became racl now that I only see the tracks I want, and I can name them and group them on the fly. After a year of owning digidesigm unit and never using it, I finally managed to buy a Terra Audio Digidesign certified computer. Review this product Get the facts.

I am the original owner.

Digi Rack Product Information

Good DIs though, for bass at least! I own this unit and have never had so many problems in my life. All other knobs and buttons present and working. I like it and won’t digidesign 002 rack it till I get the Apollo quad ASIO drivers are limited to 48Khz.

Digidesign 002 rack reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time. Also, its 4 mic eack can be limiting when it comes to recording things, such as drums or full bands.

For mix and midi I always use the MAC. But I never apologize for buying diggidesign package digidesign 002 rack I would replace it in a heart beat if it stopped working.