Why wear vintage

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Do you want to create unique timeless looks that stand out from the crowd? Vintage clothing is ideal! I am obsessed with vintage clothing.

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We had a typical office dress code of suits most of the time, with the option for dressing down on Friday. Coming from a fashion background into a more corporate world, I found the thought of a black suit stifling feeling that what I wear is a reflection of my personality. For a few years I conformed but slowly I decided to be the real me and wear my unique fashion, which made me feel more confident resulting in doing a better job.

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Making the leap from new clothing to vintage can be a bit tough for some people. Thankfully, washing machines and style tips exist. Consider that various American apparel brands helped lobby the Haitian government to prevent a hike in in minimum wage.

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Hello there, fashion readers! This time we are going to talk about vintage bags and best ways how to wear them this year. Each one of these bags is a beautiful fashion addition that can easily underline its wearer uniqueness. Believe me, the chances that other women will have the same bag as you will be zero.

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Yes, the Mad Men style is in. Yes, this is a cute, runway-worthy look. And yes, that '60s fur coat is faux.

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My friend told me that I am now "too old to wear vintage". She says that vintage clothes look interesting and arch up to your mids, but beyond then, they just look — and I quote — "as if you haven't bought any new clothes for several decades". Is she right?

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I don't know when it started exactly. For so much of my life, my priority when it came to fashion — and existence in general — was to be invisible. I'd conceal my rolls and wobbles with the assistance of the baggy jeans found in the plus-size section of the local Walmart and the oversized tees or hoodies that were never difficult to find on the Jersey Shore.

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Have you ever been curious about vintage stores full of amazing treasures, unique pieces and designer originals but have been worried you might end up looking like an extra from a period movie set? But incorporating these one-off beautiful pieces into your wardrobe can be a challenge: how do you wear vintage clothes and still look current and stylish? But this is a commitment to just one style period not many of us are prepared to make so here are 5 tips if you are looking for some interesting ways to incorporate vintage pieces into your current wardrobe.

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And the answer is, anyway you want to! I freely admit that 40 is in the distant past for meyet I wear something vintage almost everyday, and on many occasions actually go out in a head to toe vintage outfit. Imagine that!

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If you are in love with vintage fashion but do not want to look outdated then this post is dedicated specially for you my dear fashion reader. Most of you might think of vintage dresses of something old and maxi length. In real life, they are quite short, mid-length.


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