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Let's get this straight: There's no wrong choice when it comes to removing your pubes or not. From Barbie-doll hairless to full bush as celebrities have candidly begun talking abouthow you groom down there is a purely personal decision. But if totally bare is what you're after, there's no denying that a Brazilian wax is the fastest, least bump-inducing way to smooth things out below the waist.

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Nobody ever skips into a bikini wax ecstatic to lie down on the table and have their vagina pulled and ripped at for 20 minutes, but look, we do it, and if you have never done it before but you're thinking about popping your vajayjay wax cherry - then here are some things you need to know. I think I was years-old when I had my first wax "down there", I was the last of all my friends to get it done and TBH I was petrified. I wasn't scared of the pain, I was just scared of the mortification of stripping down and spreading my legs to a complete stranger - which is natural.

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Before a recent trip to Los Angeles, I decided to embark on a womanhood rite of passage: get my very first bikini wax. Not knowing that you must grow out your hair beforehand, I shaved two days earlier. The aesthetician who shall remain nameless began ripping strips of hot wax over and over from the same areas, like a five-year-old opening presents on Christmas morning. I was doing both.

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From using too much product to aftercare products that cause an eye-watering sting, most women have one or more hairy experience of intimate hair removal. Not exfoliating before a wax is the cardinal sin of hair removal, right? While it can help to reduce ingrown hairs, exfoliating just before a wax will make the skin more likely to become red and inflamed.

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Hey gorgeous! Or, feel free to read this guide beginning to end to get the Most ladies find themselves more pleased with the results of waxing than other temporary hair removal options like shaving, epilation, and hair removal creams.

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So you've booked your first bikini wax. Now you're probably wondering what happens next. Waxing the bikini area is much better than shaving it.

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Are you nervous about getting a bikini wax? Well, you've come to the right place. From prepping for your first appointment to treating your bikini area post-wax, we've got you covered. But remember that you don't have to wax your bikini area — hair down there is completely natural, and leaving it as is is totally OK.

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We'll be straight with you: Getting your first bikini wax is not a fun experience for most people. That said, it's a longer-lasting method to removing your pubic hair than shavingwith the smoothness from a bikini wax lasting for two to four weeksrather than days, making it a good option for the summer monthswhen you don't want to be constantly reaching for the razor. But being aware of exactly what you're getting yourself into will help you get through the experience.

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When you think about it, no sane woman would ever pay good money to have hot wax painted on to her nether regions so that hair can be ripped from the roots. Yet bikini waxing is a pretty standard grooming habit for thousands of women who routinely book a session every month without batting an eyelid. If you're a waxing virgin but have been thinking of giving it a go, here's the lowdown on exactly what happens once you get over the basic embarrassment of showing your pants to a total stranger. Everyone feels a bit self-conscious, especially the first few times.


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