Astronauts less facial wrinkles in space

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The sale has reopened the ongoing debate over who owns NASA artifacts and photographs, the astronauts or the public. NASA claimed Mitchell was selling the camera illegally and sued the former astronaut for ownership rights. Mitchell countered that the camera would have been left on the Moon had he not brought it home.

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Granted that some of these pictures were taken 50 years ago for the Mercury astronautsthe ravages of time have taken a toll. Some astronauts have aged better than others -- for example Charlie Duke, John Young and Walt Cunningham, among others. Of course, none of us look the same at 70 or 80 compared with our appearance at age 30, but the images of astronauts as young men and women are imprinted in our minds. It is sometimes a surprise when we come in touch with the reality of today.

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Don't fancy an office job? Ever wanted to cheat gravity? Being an astronaut could be the career for you, but getting the right degree is only part of the super-human challenge.

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He was His recovery had been going well, according to those who spoke with him after the surgery, and his death came as a surprise to many close to him, including his fellow Apollo astronauts. The family did not say where he died.

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The eye charts he reads, the red drops that turn his eyes yellow and the ultrasounds being performed on him could determine whether he or any other astronaut ever journeys into deep space or sets foot on other worlds. Because when Barratt blasted off to the international space station, he needed eyeglasses for distance. When he returned to Earth, his distance vision was fine, but he needed reading glasses.

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Geoscientist Will Daniels, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Climate System Research Center, is set to embark on the trip of a lifetime this month as part of an experiment for NASA, spending 45 days away from Earth as he knows it, without ever leaving the ground. As the agency describes it, HERA is a three-story, closed-habitat environment designed to serve as an analog for the isolation, confinement and remote conditions in exploration scenarios. It is one of several ground-based analogs the space agency uses "to research ways to help astronauts move from lower-Earth orbit to deep space explorations.

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Because astronauts like the ones on the International Space Station ISS are moving so quickly, they're also aging a bit more slowly than the rest of us. Due to a principle of physics known as time dilationafter a six-month stint on the ISS, returning astronauts are just a tiny bit younger than the rest of us. But before you book a ticket that'll take you literally out of this world, understand this isn't exactly a fountain of youth we're talking about. Your six-month effort at age reduction will only garner you about 0.


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