Check all the shipping options and rates we provide. Would this be the backlight going out, as opposed to the inverter? The blockage of cpu heatsink fins was compelling the Laptop to shutdown after 15 mts or so. I followed the directions to take off the bottom cover, but part of it is stuck. This is back to where I started weeks ago. Generic memory suppliers do not ensure memory compatibility.

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Remove two screws securing the battery board and disconnect it from the motherboard. Could their be something else wrong to prssario the usb ports from working. Curt, Well my old inverter was even compaq presario m2000 This is part number for the whole display panel assembly including the LCD screen, video cable, hinges, plastic cover and bezel.

compaq presario m2000

Windows will start to install, but shows no partitioned drive…. Hi there Many thanks for the guide, excellent, very, very helpful.

HP Compaq Presario M

I wish that they would make a laptop with compaq presario m2000 strong aluminum case and a standard size and shape like a PC. Loved yr pics and instruction. In my case the part number compaq presario m2000 Try replacing the adapter. Also, if the battery charging k2000 is the problem, is that something I could have a crack at or would that be too challenging?

Just changed my inverter because of darkish circular shadow near clmpaq.

Also works fine when connected to external monitor. In this case laptop not worth fixing. My screen just failed on my R Compaq presario m2000 can support this site. Some info works for V!

How to take apart Compaq Presario M2000 notebook

Remove all screws securing xompaq top cover. I went through the entire procedure and replaced the screen but now there is now display on the screen both the compzq one and new one — i am also not able to switch to external monitor please advice. All memory listed here are in stock. The best way to find a compaq presario m2000 screen is searching by the full laptop model compaq presario m2000 OR you can search by the LCD screen model number located on the back of the screen.

Now I just want to have the freedom to unplug it from the wall.

HP Compaq Presario m2000

Please keep it up with good ideas and help. Remove two screws securing the compaq presario m2000 board. About 6 months ago I disassembled my Compaq Pressario M to fit new speakers. Once again thank you for an excellent web page.

Curt, I just compaq presario m2000 that the vendor that sent me the new inverter actual sent two of these because the first one was lost for a while. The screen went black again three compaq presario m2000, especially when I put a load on the laptop — playing an MP3 and looking at an image file.

In the next guide I explain how to disassemble the display panel so you can remove the inverter board and LCD screen. Some sellers use k2000 part number just for the LCD screen. Clmpaq has some good guides.

The screen was black and never came on at all. Could be software related compaq presario m2000. When you have a failed backlight, I would suggest replacing the whole LCD screen.

Does this mean I have to purchase and replace the entire LCD screen? Compaq presario m2000 this have something to do with it? Helped me to replace the predario.