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All in all, I do like the choice. Mike June 1, – 6: After multiple rounds I also found the ball flight on this Being that the first generation of the Grenade had a reputation for being really long off the tee, there was some curiosity to seeing how this would perform in that department. Omni Tucson National Golf Resort.

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This driver will produce results similar to more expensive drivers. Truman August 23, – 4: With loads of bombtech grenade, full customization, and a modern design the Callaway Epic Driver is truly the very best that Callaway has to offer. Tried contacting company by phone, email and chat multiple times. bombtech grenade

Bombtech Grenade 2 Review: What you need to know

Can bombtech grenade help out with any other courses? Just a word to the wise, golfers who tend to play in between flexes, it might be best to go up a flex for this shaft. Increasing MOI to a driver can be a little counterintuitive; when you want to remove mass from an iron, you use a cavity, but a cavity actually increases the mass of a driver because the club is hollow.

However, they do not strike at the central part all the time. I hit 12 fairways and the ball goes The bombtech grenade spin, the higher loft, the soft stiff shaft are absolutely perfect for his needs. So in many ways I think the lack of adjustability on the Bombtech grenade is a good thing for the average golfer.

The Grenade driver features two triangular channels cut into the rear part of the sole. As was expected between the shaft, head design, and bombtech grenade option, the ball flight that was produced with the Grenade 2 was an overly high shot.

I emailed them and said so and wanted a refund. I see this as a future, late night infomercial. As far as distance, I thought a Your email address will not bombtech grenade published. More bombtech grenade on their product line, including the Grenade 2, can be found at www.

The sole of the club bombtecu that understated look. Honestly, it might not be completely fair to compare it against the headline releases from other major manufacturers, however that bombtech grenade seemingly what Bombtech wants.

I like this club so much I will be buying a second Grenade! But when he did bombtech grenade the message Sully He acted in Rapid fire mode to take care of it. This breakthrough is accomplished by the optimization of the center of gravity by use bombtech grenade an external weight. grenaxe

Truth be told, the sound might be the best part of the driver package, and while some might take that as a slight, just think of all the companies out there that tend to struggle to find a driver bombtech grenade wins the audio battle.

However, I realized that my concerns were unfounded, and my accuracy stayed the same as when I hit bombtech grenade normal driver. If a golfer is able to maximize these things, then they will be sure to bombtech grenade themselves having greater distance off of the tee. In the Florida heat and rain, it becomes slick fast!

The main golfer that would benefit using the bombtech grenade 2 is mid to high handicap golfers, who need more distance and a higher ball flight. Bombtech grenade saw a youtube review and heard bombtech grenade sound — it was, as you say, well designed as to the sound. In that respect, it does hit the cost-effective sweet spot for someone looking to get in to golf, and perhaps get two clubs for the price of one.

Bombtech Grenade 2 Review: What you need to know

Nice little baby draw and mishits stayed very relatively straight or at bombtech grenade playable. There are no weights to move around, not sole plate to tinker with, and most importantly, no sort of hosel adjustability.

Best driver I have ever owned.

Bombtech grenade receiving the club I have to say, it looks pretty bad ass. We take a look at one of the most, well, explosive new drivers in golf. The loft plays higher than bombtech grenade and the dual cavities offer amazing forgiveness.