Does it look like the adapter you are using is loading drivers? Feb 19, For what its worth Wed Oct 19, 5: I have frequently used the converter for the bit version.

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Prolific recommends to purchase from following Cable Makers: Are available from many places lrolific Ebay: No I did not find this article helpful. I was hoping to get this going fast because of some urgent projects.

Right-click on “USB to serial bridge” the name may be slightly different depending on the current driver versionthen click “Uninstall”.

Serial to USB adapter

Enter a search term here. Oct 3, Posts: This serial number starts with “Z3” or “Z8”. Click on “Device Manager”. Additional information There is no additional information available for this article. Oct 31, Posts: Devilbunny Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: I use it on a laptop operating with Windows 7 with no problems.

Product Support Services Forum mySupport. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. Atten familiar with this problem? Units where the 8th and 9th serial number positions are BL or better will work.

USB to RS Adapter (35cm) – UCA, ATEN USB Converters

Before buing the Parallax adapter, my laptop has USB3 ports. I’ve heard this I can’t remember how many times, so I will just repeat it.

I’m using a generic based on the Prolific with a Win7 laptop and an iMac. The trouble might be inverted signals. All my software that I need to load into my device I can run on my main desktop system fast computer and any operating system then, when I want to load my board level devices, I use the Netbook.

Did you find this article useful? We tested a bunch of adapters a while back to find the least finicky one, and the GUCA won out. There have been some problems reported with USB 3.

Make sure you download the current driver from FTDI. Greg, you’ll be a hero if you recommend a specific one that does. ATEN adapters are pretty well supported. The converter will automatically be recognised and is ready to use.

And new drivers wont help it. I got through to tech support at Iogear and they stated that my adapter is “probably too old and with a very old chipset”. Interestingly these converters work better than the native serialport that is built into my new HP ProBook G2 laptop which seems to have a problem at higher baudrates like !

I am sure this is not a big problem. Oct 19, Posts: Mon Oct 31, 4: Note on Windows Corporate Company Jobs Contact us.