Only works after installation for activation. If I uninstall the default audio driver and reboot, windows just adds it back. Did you download and install the 8. Shar p Aquos 32″. I’m goin to link you to eight forum there you will find how to extract your key if you have one.

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Windoas worked fine, until the free Win 8. Windows keeps installing the High Def default driver. Keep in mind that drivers listed for windows 8 will work with windows 8. The windows installer will automatically partition the hard drive for windows.

And if I have a song playing and try to open a new project, then the audio driver sort of spazzes out and repeats the last few bits of audio over and over and over again, several times per second.

If you want to install W8.

Page asus g75vw windows 8.1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: My main concern is whether or not I can get Win 8 installed. When windows boots do not connect to a network this will allow you to make a local account instead of using a Microsoft account.

And lastly – I’ve been trying to figure out which version of Windows 8 was installed on this laptop from the start asus g75vw windows 8.1 am I correct that it must have been “Windows 8” with no further additions? Did you download and install the 8.

Hello guys, sory for my English But as a result, my G75VW is no longer a pleasure to use. You do not have to extract your key from uefi to install W8.

I’ve been having problems for nearly 2 months.

Basically every time I rboot the laptop asus g75vw windows 8.1 sees the audio card and loads their basic drive automatically. Copy and paste the command below, then hit enter. I don’t understand why we cant get a v75vw BIOS update to fix this. Asus g75vw windows 8.1 downgrade back to Windows g5vw and it worked fine. I’ll have a look at the eightforums link, but keep in mind I’m running Win 7 Ultimate with a key that has nothing to do with this laptop or the Win 8 that was on it previously; this is a separate Win 7 license I’m running.

G75VW – Windows Driver Issues

Last edited .81 Clintlgm; at The only way I can see to fix this is to manually go into system32 and remove the driver. Last edited by GottiBoi55; at The laptop came with everything and has a sticker on the bottom saying win 8, but no key there. Last edited asus g75vw windows 8.1 GottiBoi55; at Originally Posted by Clintlgm.

Even then not much. I can’t link asus g75vw windows 8.1 the Visual Basic tool they use windoes there in that forum. And the skip license input button in the installer was removed after W7 hehe. But this won’t help either since the problem is that the W8 license key is not valid in the W8.

Check out this thread lots of information on upgrading downgrading driver install etc. I’m fairly well at eindows with PC’s in general and laptops too, so drivers and all that is not an issue; in fact, I’ve recently replaced the WiFi card in my VW and am about to wsus so again so will look for 8. Long story short, Asus g75vw windows 8.1 had to flush and reinstall asus g75vw windows 8.1 8. The problem is, when I go to launch the setup, it pops the cmd open and starts to launch the setup then just closes.

Also look here Secure Boot Overview Hope this helps?