And I suspect countless other Wordstar users will find it the perfect medium for making the Mac transition. All our 80 track drives are already fitted with a select switch. Just as we have for NASA. This procedure is also useful for opening menus which have already been defined once. The board will be shipped with 2. The menu button creates a menu giving you a choice of loading or saving the cur- rent configuration values. Support for desktop film re- corders is also a key feature, Abbott said.

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Half of the additional public telephones that will be installed in and around the Omni auditorium will have modular plugs for direct modem connections, Harman said. Parents and other visitors are encouraged to buy and each resulting sale wins the school a one per cent discount with Laserink.

The combined file is complete. Text may be typeset, either justified or unjustified, in any font anywhere on the page. The FAL9 monitor features higher resolutions of 1, by pixels. BoxPosodeno, CA 91or coll I would like to appeal to any owners of this board to contact me with any help they can offer and any suggestions as to other improvements which they think would be worth making to the software and so that I can pass it on to them when it is finished.

On pressing the left or right cursor keys the screen cursor moves in the required direction. But when the phone company, which has won the bid to supply the core communications system for the convention, talked to customers, it found that they are demanding ever more sophisticated capabilities.


Find out for yourself how easy Graphics Gallery is to use.

Often such users see advertisements and reviews in the general as well as the trade press and go to their information centers demanding a certain product artems understanding exactly what their needs are.

Maryland, which will show Truesurf, called the first fully editable, hidden-line 3-D design package that runs with Cadmax 3-D. There is one feature of FNcreatewindow that you should 750a note of. Made of sturdy plastic, the WE Mouse House attaches to the side of your computer, monitor, disc drive or desk. The board, which will ship in early June, provides bypixel resolu- tion in 16 shades of gray and up to by resolution in colors.

Full text of “Acorn User Magazine”

The buttons may be re- mapped to allow the relationship between tablet and mouse buttons to be redefined, should this be re- quired. Runners up Perhaps the other most innovative product for 7550x Acorn machines is the Arm3 upgrade from Aleph One.

The company also an- nounced its expanded line of disk drives with models ranging in capacity from to megabytes. Stores up to 20 discs.

HP Computer Museum

Many of the environments include features to let you pass information from one application to another. There will never be a final destination.

The serial settings are a bit hard to get right, but in the end I got everything up and running with the help of old Usenet postings and various obscure websites. We rated the environments on the total time it took to complete all three tasks. Try values of 3, 1 and 0. artemos


Slow Scan TV or receiving a picture from a remote camera using a modem. The school has a Campus subscription which enables them to use areas on Telecom Gold and Prestel.

Getting a HP A plotter to work under Linux

Although Shostak could not reveal details of the project, he said he is leaving for positive reasons. Laptop computers and on-site satellite television stations will be used heavily this year.

ploter Interword and View are largely Wysiwyg what you see is what you get so what is displayed on the screen is similar to what is printed on the paper. To automate your database needs, you can record all your key- strokes in the interactive mode, then play them back later.

NASA is a lemlar customer of Proteus. Even in its present plotfer though, it wins hands down over operating sytems found on more expensive machines such as the Apple Macintosh.

Namely, the people who buy, sell and use them. For extreme reliability, they all have Printed Circuit Boards mounted inside the case, not a Spaghetti Junction of wires.

This is done by setting aside some memory and loading into it your own sprite file. And preview pages before you print.