This buzz doesn’t seem to affect the sound in the final product on CDs or MP3 output. The number of inputs is amazing for the price and you get a professional-grade conversion with an AMAZING amount of possiblities with the included software. I,ve read more people have had more success on the PC side of things then Mac. A solid piece of equipment, with a sleek and impressive look. I did not have the problems the original reviewer had.

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There are so many great things about this audio interface to praise it is hard to know where to start. The preamps alesis io26 this thing aren’t to bad they don’t distorted in any particularly nasty way but they do ad a kind of mistiness over your sounds. The to alesis io26 amps are just about average same as the pre’s really.

Alesis IO26

My highest setting is 4 on the gain knobs. Alesis iO 26 Digital Recording Interface 10 product ratings 4. Skip to main content. I still consider it a great alesis io26 for buck solution for a alesis io26 producer or a small group, for use up to a semi-pro level. It’s not a pro-oriented interface, but it costs WAY less than alseis models of top-name brands, more or less doing similar things.

I finally found the cause, a bad flat cable connector. However, I am now trying out another interface which doesn’t have the buzz. I,ve used this interface overseas, on site recordings, pubs, on laptops, desk tops, no problems. I use alesis io26 slightly better HP printer power alesis io26.


Alesis iO 26 Digital Recording Interface

The MIDI is flawless and overall the connection speed via firewire has made recording easy. I alesis io26 this Interface to play Keyboards, i use like a hardware mixer for hardware synths, theremin, etc and to play soft sytnhs.

I had the io26 for alesis io26 while when it first came out as a portable interface. Properties Number of Aleiss Tracks. For my home synth setup, it was more than enough.

Alesis io26 – User review – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

The main problem with this interface is Alesis hardly ever update the drivers, and literally the smallest thing will stop it from working even on a mac. Pres are nice, alesis io26 the 2 adats inputs are great u can get your alesis io26 converters here. After fixing this problem the unit worked alesis io26. A solution to your audio-interface question When it comes to an audio interface, there are io62 solutions for your needs and for your economical condition of course. Hosted by Nimbus Alesis io26.

I originally had to send my iio26 as it developed a hardware fault luckily I didn’t have to deal with Alesis just Thomann.

alesis io26 I always have to carry an alesis io26 interface alesis io26 midi ports and a mixer to control all next to me in real time. This buzz doesn’t seem to affect the sound in the final product on CDs or MP3 output. As all channels can be supported aless phantom power, you can work aless 8 condenser mics at the same time! On 3 different operating systems These don’t come up often and I was fortunate after a long wait to get mine. Best deal on 8 channel Interface Great Interface for the price, best deal on 8 channel interface.


The quality of converters, pre-amps and number of alesix are just making this item unique. It has adat ins but no adats out which is a bit annoying really. BIG bang for your Buck! It has 2 firewire ports for daisy chaining say a hdd but alesis io26 imagine that would cause all sorts of problems. More items related to this product. Most importantly though, I never had ANY alesis io26 problems either with the drivers Mac user here or with the hardware itself.

The number of inputs is amazing for the alssis and you get a professional-grade conversion with an Alesis io26 amount of possiblities with the included software.